Figure Competition

AngeliqueThis is a special full body workout today. My Twitter friend, Angelique (@MsFitBC) is getting ready for a figure competition and doing full body intense workouts with plyometrics to lose extra body fat.

This is a serious competition prep workout that the fitness professionals use. …Think YOU can do it??  Try and tell me what you were able to do! Beginners can split the workout up into separate days.


10 squats alternating with 10 jump squats no weight all the way to 50 no break
Planks up on hands with 20-30 alternating knees touching to same side elbow
REPEAT squats and abs 2 more times adding 10 pound weights 2nd and 3rd set of squats 10 Power lunges and 10 burpees holding weights
Straight legged dead lifts 8-10 reps with heavy weight
Hanging leg raises

Plyo push ups: with 2 step risers, place them 2 feet away from each other, get in push up position with hands on steps, with power bring hands down to floor landing in a push up, on the way up, walk hands up or push up with power landing hands on steps
Bicycles 20 reps, crunches 20 reps

Inverted pull up rows at smith machine
Dumbbell pullovers on ball
Plank on ball with alternating knee taps on ball
3 SETS EACHFAME WEST-Vegas 2009 119

10 front raises, 10 lateral raises, 10 overhead press bringing arms all the way down and up
Planks on hands knees to elbows 20-30 reps

Chin ups
Triceps pushups on medicine ball

Thanks Angelique for the awesome full body workout! Good luck in all your future competitions!

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  1. DrHema says:

    How do you do a burpee with weights? I thought a burpee was down like a frog and then legs out and back to frog and then jump up?

    • Joe Gigantino says:

      It sounds like holding light dumb bells would be an advanced option. I asked Algelique and this was her response:

      Yes, light weights but it is optional. Sometimes after the lunges I just drop the weights and do the burpees without them because it can get pretty tough.

      There you go, enjoy!

  2. This looks fierce! Thanks for sharing the program.

  3. Angelique says:

    Burpees with weights: when you go down to the floor, place them down, kick legs back then up, hold on to weights when you explode up with power. You can do a pushup when the weights are on the floor in between as well.

  4. shwan says:

    hello…iam 25 years old .iam workout 3-4 days aweek.i i started working out 2 years ago i think i have a nice body but i wanna to get bigger arm iam 176cm 84 kg my arm is 37 cm ,if u able to send me good program to get my arm bigger …thank you

    • Joe Gigantino says:

      There are plenty of great exercises for biceps, triceps, shoulders and forearms but i would say to make your arm look bigger and grow in cm’s work on the triceps first. There are three muscles in the tricep and only two in the bicep. Add tricep dips to failure into your upper body routine and you should see some growth in the upper arm. Also add weight to you tricep kick backs and bicep curls for more definition.

  5. Hey, i am 29 years old and over about the past years I have juggled a 100 lbs weight loss( gtting pregnant two times with children caused the rollarcoaster). I work out now 4-5 days a week and eat a very clean diet of 5-6 meals a day. I sit at about 150lbs at 5ft, 4in I have a short bucket list of reaching my goals as a ripped mom (maybe figure competition) by the age of 30 ( 8months from now) where do I start to take things to the next level? so many supplements that just seem to add weight or take appetite. Help point me in the right direction!!

    • Joe Gigantino says:

      Hi Krystal,
      Glad to hear you have top fitness goals you are pursuing! My best advice is before even looking into supplements, bump up your workouts and cardio and make sure your working out at least 5-6 days a week. If your not sure how to intensify your workouts you may want to talk with a local trainer at your gym, visit a crossfit studio, or add intensity to your own workouts by powerful bursts of interval training. Early am cardio is great for fat loss, plus a very clean diet; no sodas, alcohol, processed sugar, or white flour, add lots of veggies and lean protein and you will get there!
      Good luck!

  6. Body Mojo says:

    Wow! Looks intense. Just wondering how long this workout takes, and how many times a week is it done. Thanks!

  7. Angelique says:

    You can do this program Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It can take up to 45min but your goal is to get through it as fast as possible. This is a very hard program designed to burn body fat. You should still do cardio on the other days.

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